• help_outlineWhat is Unbox99?
    Unbox99 is a service, where you can purchase electronics, luxury cutlery, sport equipment, toys, video games and other trending goods much cheaper. You are guaranteed to get one of the presented items by opening boxes. You can purchase our credits, use them to open mystery boxes and we will organize delivery of selected items at our expence.
  • help_outlineHow does this Mystery Box opening system work?
    Each of our Mystery Boxes contains multiple items. When you open a Mystery Box, you get one of the items. Nobody knows for sure what item it would be. You can see what items you can possibly get before you open the case by clicking on it.
  • help_outlineHow to use the website?
    Register using your e-mail. Add credits to your new account by clicking "ADD $$$"
    Select any Mystery Box you want and click "UNBOX"
  • help_outlineWhat is minimum amount of credits I can add to my account?
    You can add any amount that is more than $1 (USD) to your balance for a single transaction.
  • help_outlineWhy Unbox99 asks for certain info to create an account?
    When you create a Unbox99 Account, we ask for some personal information. This information helps keep your account secure and makes our services more useful.
    What we ask for:

    First Name & Surname
    Enter the name you want to use on Unbox99 service. Your name will show up in your profile.

    Enter a username that you will use to sign in to your Unbox99 Account. You can use letters, numbers, and periods. Your username isnít case-sensitive. You donít need to remember which letters are capital or lowercase. Another users can see your username.

    To help keep your account safe, choose a strong password that's at least 8 characters. Have a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid personal info or common words that are easy to guess, like your street or pet's name. Don't use a password you've used for other accounts or websites. Likewise, don't use this password anywhere else.

    Birthday Day
    Enter your date of birth because our services have age requirements. Your age isn't visible to others unless you share your birthday publicly or with specific people.

    Phone number
    If you have a mobile phone, this info is optional but highly recommended. Depending on how you add a phone number to your account, your number can be used on our services. For example, if you forget your password, your recovery phone number helps you get back into your account.

    E-mail address
    Email address can be used for a few reasons, including to:
    help keep your account secure
    help you get back in if you can't sign in, like if you forget your password
    get notifications from our services
  • help_outlineHow fast is the deposited money cleared to my account?
    Usually it takes less than a minute. If for some reason you didnít get your credits, please contact our support team at Support@Unbox99.com.
  • help_outlineCan I withdraw money from my account?
    Unfortunately, you canít. You can only spend your account funds on opening boxes and requesting deliveries.
  • help_outlineHow does delivery being processed?
    You can request item delivery from your profile inventory. For more detailed information, please read delivery.
  • help_outlineSpecific question?
    If you have any further questions, please contact us at Support@Unbox99.com